4 Tips For Attending Your Office Holiday Party

Posted by admin on Dec 6, 2013 4:38:37 PM

Company holiday parties are fun, festive and a great way to network with your colleagues.  Keep yourself from being the talk of the office with these tips:


Err on the side of conservative dress. You’ll be meeting people at all levels of your company, some of whom you may be meeting for the very first time. You do not want them to remember you as the guy who wore jeans to the formal event! Check out our Pinterest board for some styling ideas.

Not sure of the dress code? Ask HR or the person planning the event, ask your coworkers what they’re wearing or research the event venue to get an idea.


You’ve heard stories of that one guy last year who had a little too much to drink, danced on the table and barely made it home. Don’t be that guy or gal! Stick to what you can comfortably handle. Don’t worry about keeping up with the rest of the crowd. Or go in with a limit, i.e. “I’ll have no more than two drinks tonight.”  For most people, your company party is not the time to show your CEO how much you can drink! Which leads us to…


How many times have you heard someone start a conversation with, “This may be the alcohol talking, but…” and then they share with you more information than you ever wanted to know about him? Alcohol can lead you to over-share personal information, your friends’ secrets, and a slew of other things. Do you really want your supervisor to know about your college partying or every detail about your outpatient surgery?

On the flip side, the office party is a great place to visit with colleagues with whom you rarely work or just know by their Outlook picture. Mingle with them, talk shop, share ideas, or just talk about the weather. Networking is key for your career!

Post Party

Someone (or a team) spent time and energy planning your office event. Take the time to send a quick note of thanks and appreciation!

Now, go have yourself a good time at your party, and happy holidays from Advanced Resources!

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