Celebrating Halloween In The Workplace

Posted by admin on Oct 24, 2013 5:35:37 AM

It's Halloween time! Celebrating Halloween in the workplace can be great for team building

and camaraderie. If your office allows a bit of fun, here are some dos and a don't of celebrating

Halloween in the workplace:


DO be respectful of other employees. It's fun to get together and talk about

your costumes, but try to limit the chatter or designate a time of day to get together. 

Some people, perhaps even you, may have a lot of work to get done.


DON'T wear a costume that will make it a challenge to get your work done.

Easy-to-remove masks* may be more comfortable than wearing face paint. Sure,

you might win the office prize for best costume, but remember work comes first!

Plus, you want to be comfortable during the day and not fussing with your costume.


DO wear a work-appropriate costume. So, cover up, stay away from anything

remotely offensive (think politics and religion), and remember, your choice of costume

is a reflection of who you are; you don't want to become the topic of the water-cooler

discussions! Some safe-bet costumes are superheroes, someone from a time ago

(think '50s, '70s, or even the 2000s), and sports players/fans.

DO wear a costume that you can easily change out of in case something comes up.

DO bring a treat! Setting a bowl of candy on your desk is an easy to way meet new people

and join the fun.

Enjoy the festivities! What would you add to the list? *If you're not sure of your workplace's policy on Halloween and costumes, ask HR.  

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