Creating SMART Goals for Your Job Search

Posted by admin on Apr 24, 2015 4:46:10 PM

Starting a job search, whether you currently have one or not, can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Where do you start? Creating SMART goals can help you get organized and develop a plan of where and how to begin your search.

What are SMART Goals?

Specific  Set specific goals. Yes, getting a new job is your ultimate goal, but setting smaller, specific goals will help keep you get organized (and feel like you’re accomplishing something) on your way to job search success.

Measurable How will you know you’ve accomplished your goal? Give your goal a numeric component, like “attend one job seeker webinar per week” so you can put a check mark next to it once completed.

Attainable  Set realistic goals. Attainable goals "may cause goal-setters to identify previously overlooked opportunities to bring themselves closer to the achievement of their goals".

Setting a goal for the number of interviews to go on is dependent upon hiring managers’ and recruiters’ schedules, so don’t get too disenchanted if you can’t always achieve this goal. Just setting one is a start!

Relevant  Choose goals that matter. Setting a goal to eat a turkey sandwich every day will, most likely, not help you get a job (unless you’re practicing to become a chef!).

Time-bound Set a target date for your goals. This will help you focus your efforts and not get too sidetracked by every day happenings.


SMART Goals for Job Search Success

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