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Posted by admin on Jan 10, 2013 2:03:42 PM

Job seekers, have you explored the power of LinkedIn Groups? LinkedIn Groups are free to join, and you can join up to 50 groups from a list of thousands. Not only do these groups provide you access to connect with fellow group members but the discussion boards provide networking opportunities, answers to your questions, and insightful advice, tips and support. You can also join the groups’ subgroups and contribute answers, comments and your own expertise to the groups’ discussion boards.

Joining relevant groups on LinkedIn allows you to extend your personal brand to reach out to more people, since you can contact any group member directly. What groups should a job seeker join? Here are several that we think could be beneficial as you conduct your search:

A Job Needed – A Job Posted This group claims to be fastest growing and most productive group in the career and recruitment segment

CareerCentral A group for job changers and people in career transition to meet in a central place with recruiters, hiring managers, and career coaches

Corporate Recruiters A group for corporate recruiters. Joining this could potentially get you in direct contact with companies

Jobs Another group with a self-explanatory title

Linked:HR A group for managers, corporate recruiters, headhunters, and HR folks. Claims to be the biggest HR group on LinkedIn and the most active for discussions

The key to any LinkedIn networking group is to be active in the discussions. Start your own discussions and leave thoughtful comments on others. Your activity puts your name out there as someone who is knowledgeable, engaged and a person to know.

Check out the above groups to find out the latest in networking all at your fingertips … literally. And while you're on LinkedIn, make sure you're following Advanced Resources!!!!


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