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Posted by admin on Aug 6, 2012 2:42:41 PM

Our mission at Advanced Resources has always remained the same: “by placing our customers and associates first, every day we make a difference.” This mission guides everything we do. It’s not difficult to find the difference we make for the thousands of people we’ve placed, and even if we don’t place a candidate, we frequently give them valuable job search insight that helps them ultimately achieve success.

Advanced Resources makes a difference for our clients, too, through better talent and workforce solutions that are delivered with excellence. Talent is the most important success factor in any company’s ability to succeed. You need talented people who are motivated and engaged to achieve your company’s goals.

We often make a difference for our clients in ways that extend beyond providing talent, and our valued client, the Chicago Public Library Foundation (CPLF) is a great example. We began working with CPLF in 2010 when they were struggling with how to manage the hundreds of flexible employees who worked throughout the Chicago library system. When an organization uses a great deal of flexible workers they can face a lot of administrative burden: background screening, file compliance, payroll onboarding and offboarding, unemployment management.

Advanced Resources was able to customize our payPRO solution for CPLF to provide them with a highly successful program that saves substantial time and money. Our fully automated solution has simplified their flexible workforce processes and has reduced their costs. We’ve helped the Chicago Public Library Foundation achieve considerable cost savings.

We believe in CPLF’s mission: “ensure that all Chicagoans have the freedom to read, to learn and to discover at the Chicago Public Library.” That’s why Advanced Resources donated $50,000 last week to the Chicago Public Library Foundation. As a Chicago-based business we believe it is our responsibility to give back to the community. Chicago is (in our humble opinion) the best city in America! We want to support our community and help those with a desire to further their learning and enhance their computer skills. The Chicago Public Library Foundation serves the city in numerous ways and we couldn’t be more pleased about the leadership and future of the Chicago Public Library system.

The Chicago Public Library is working to build a “new” library environment that includes a state-of-the art customer interface and more comprehensive digital media access. Mayor Emanuel recently sent a letter congratulating the Chicago Public Library system on their many accomplishments, including: expanded public service hours, being open on Monday mornings, increased library services, science, technology, engineering and math programs, and enhanced technology. We’d like to think that Advanced Resources has had a small part in making these things possible. Libraries are community anchors that benefit everyone, and there’s no better space for learning and growth. Congratulations to our valued client on your progress!

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