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Is your website helping or hurting your quest to find good talent?

Candidates are driving the job market in 2015 and experts agree that this trend is here to stay.  With the competition for good talent getting fierce, along with the fact that people spend more time on their cell phones than their personal computer, companies who are looking to attract top talent are focusing their efforts on mobile optimization. 

What is Mobile Optimization?

Simply put, it is a website that is specifically designed for a smartphone or tablet.  It gives readers easy navigation, quick loading content and images, and mobile-only functionality such as tap-to-call/tap-to-email.

A mobile optimized website is not the same exact version of a website that you view on your computer screen just shrunken to fit the smaller screen of a mobile device.  This is called Mobile Friendly.  These sites require readers to go through lots of scrolling and zooming to locate and navigate content. If your site is used for more than recruitment purposes, job seekers have to weed through graphics, menu options and possibly tiny buttons to submit resumes (and potentially never make it that far!).

 mobile optimized v standard website

Best practices for creating mobile optimized website

The best mobile optimization websites are streamlined versions of their desktop counterparts, with just the most important features listed.  Think “Cliff Notes” of your existing site.  What are the most important messages and content you want your viewers to know?  From a recruitment standpoint, job search and application process would be first and foremost!

Here are some tips from the industry-leading human resources experts featured in our Thought Leadership Event, “Trends in Recruiting: 2015.”

  • Tip #1- Viewers should be able to view a job opening and submit their applications within two clicks.
  • Tip #2- Allow users to apply via LinkedIn.
  • Tip #3- Make resume submission optional.


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