Spring Clean Your Job Search

Posted by admin on Apr 16, 2013 4:55:42 PM

In a job search rut? Take time to spring clean your job search. Reassessing and revamping your search will help you stay focused and organized without burning yourself out. First, take a look at what you’ve been (or haven’t been) doing in your job search:

    • Are you attending networking events?
    • Are you networking on social media?
    • Have you scheduled any informational interviews?
    • How many interviews and phone screens have you had?


If you’re not happy with your answers to these questions, here are some tips to reenergize your job search:

    • Reassess your resume

How many interviews have you received with your current resume? If your answer is “none” or “not many,” invest time in redoing your resume. Sites like About.com and Careerealism have great tips for formatting and content. 

    • Include a daily or weekly break

If you don't already, insert some breaks into your job search routine. Grab a friend for coffee or go on a buddy run. Doing so will help keep your relationships strong while interrupting what can sometimes be a monotonous routine. Plus, a recent study found that close friends are the most likely to help you in a job search. 

    • Take a little time off

Although you may consider a coffee meeting or a buddy run all the break you need, take a little more time off and go on a short trip or a staycation. This will give you some time to clear your head and to come back ready to jumpstart your job search.  

    • Take a class or volunteer

You’ve heard it before and you’ll probably hear it many times again – network, network, network! Sign up on sites like Meetup or Dabble and take a pottery or a public speaking class. Not only are these activities great for networking, they’re also great additions to your resume.  

What are some other ways you like to reenergize?



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