Staffing Firms and Employee Screening: Avoiding Bad Hires

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On average, employee turnover costs U.S. companies $300 billion per year. By conducting most of the pre-employment screening on associates before they are placed with a client, staffing firms help companies save time and money by avoiding bad hires. Employees not qualified for the job or not a right cultural fit for the job can cost a company not only money but productivity.

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Working with a Staffing Firm

A staffing firm that values candidate experience will review all applications submitted. Those that meet the firm's quality standards will be brought in for an interview so the recruiter can learn more about their background, skills, and goals. Candidates' records are updated in the applicant tracking system accordingly, and the ones that are a good fit for the position are moved on to the next round of screening. During this time, the staffing firm is doing Form I-9 verification and job history and education verification. If it's required for the position, the staffing firm will also do the drug screening.In a study by HireRight, 88% of respondents said screening had uncovered candidates who lied on their resumes or application; thus, verifying information on an application is extremely important in screening out candidates that are not a good fit.

A bad hire can also be an employee not being a good cultural fit for the company. When getting a job position from a client, recruiters get to know the client's company culture by talking to company contacts and doing research. Thus, in the initial interview between recruiter and candidate, the recruiter is also gauging whether the candidate would be a good cultural fit for the hiring manger's team and company. 

All of these steps take time, time companies often don't have. Partnering with a staffing firm can help companies reduce their time-to-fill by conducting these pre-employment screenings. 

Take a look at "Employee Screening Best Pracitces: What Clients Should Expect from Their Staffing Agency" [SlideShare].

To learn more about what to expect when working with staffing firms to conduct employee screening, download our free white paper, "Employee Screening Best Practices for Staffing Agencies."


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