The Game is Changing

Posted by admin on Jan 26, 2012 11:25:00 AM

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal published what we think is a really important article for every job seeker and every company.  The article, “No More Resumes” focused on how The Resume is fading in importance as many companies instead rely on social media and digital tools to assess candidates.

What?! The Resume is dying?! Some companies feel the resume is too one-dimensional, that it doesn’t provide enough depth. Those companies are placing less focus on what you’ve done and more focus on what you’re like, what you’re like to work with, and how you think. It’s very realistic that the hiring and job search processes will totally change in the near future. Huge industries have been entirely disrupted by the Internet and digital technologies:

EXAMPLE #1 - iTunes changed the music industry – not only how music is recorded and bought, but the devices we use to listen to music changed, too.

EXAMPLE #2 - In 1970, Kodak sold 90% of the film and 85% of the cameras that were purchased in the U.S. Kodak was once so iconic you might STILL hear people talk about having "a Kodak moment." This week, Kodak announced their bankruptcy.   

EXAMPLE #3 - the Internet and the Kindle have changed the book publishing industry forever. Want to write a book? You can self-publish via the Internet. And clearly how we buy and read books has changed.

Advanced Resources’ reputation for innovation means we’ve leveraged progressive technology for years to provide better efficiency and to add value to our clients and candidates. We’re excited about “all things digital.” We’ve got a strong presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. We revamped our website last year. We blog! And last year we became the only staffing agency in the Chicagoland area to offer CareerClip, digitial video resume technology that allows our candidates to stand apart and provides our clients with a whole new way of viewing our talent. 

We cannot wait to unveil in 2012 our new digital tools and services that will help our clients make better hires and help our candidates advance their careers. For starters, we’re implementing a new enterprise-wide cutting edge technology to power our entire organization. As "The Game" changes, you can trust that Advanced will lead the way in helping clients and job seekers leverage the new digital environment to achieve success. Want to hear more? Stay tuned!

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