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Posted by admin on Dec 11, 2012 2:24:36 PM

It’s already starting. First, there’s the pre-holiday hype. Then, Thanksgiving is over and holiday mania jumps into full swing. And right around the second week of December, it always starts….the overwhelming number of “year in review” articles, plus the deluge of “trends for the coming year” pieces. And it happens in every category – entertainment, fashion, dining, home improvement, and most definitely … business.

We found a fresh take on “trends for 2013” and we wanted to share some of our favorite soundbytes for this week's Advanced Resources blog. You can find the whole piece on; here are some of the points we liked the most:

"You know that people love a human connection--sincerely feeling valued, heard, and important. Your unique angle is how well you personalize that, and do it sincerely. You know that people love a "wow"--getting more than they expected. Your unique angle is finding which "wow" you can do that would mean the most to them. Chasing trends and fads is like buying a speedboat when your health is failing. Forget the shiny new distraction, and focus on the core stuff that you haven't mastered yet."

"Forget search engine optimization. Focus on user experience optimization.”

“We're thinking more about personal development for our employees, providing more opportunities for them to share their skills and a budget for them to buy books or take classes to expand their expertise. And as our business grows in complexity and size we're looking towards new productivity and communication tools.”

“Filter your actions through the following belief: 'The bigger we get, the smaller we need to act.' “

“Always remember that no doesn’t mean no. It just means 'not right now.' Regardless of naysayers and road blocks, constantly keep pushing through and remember how important it is to keep selling your concept and keep trying. And make sure to get your product or service out there and test it as soon as you possibly can.”

Do any of these resonate with your business? What themes are you thinking about for the coming year?

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