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Posted by admin on Dec 27, 2012 4:01:36 PM

Gosh, we love Twitter! Job seekers, we are convinced that Twitter can be one of the greatest tools in your job search, if you know how to use it. Those 140 characters can have sooo much power. Sure, LinkedIn is commonly viewed as the social networking site of choice for professionals, but Twitter is an online, real-time conversation that can greatly benefit your search efforts.

There’s no question that Twitter is becoming a must-use social media resource for job seekers. More and more companies are using Twitter to seek employees. At Advanced Resources, we regularly tweet our hottest jobs, for instance (make sure you follow us @advresources). Millions of jobs are posted every month, giving you instant access to opportunity. Developing an effective and efficient Twitter strategy for your job search is a smart idea. Here’s how to get started:

1. Create a Twitter account and get familiar with Twitter's format and system. If possible, use your name for your account. Post a professional picture and describe the employment you're seeking in your Twitter bio (unless, of course, you are already employed). Spend some time reading other postings; learn your way around the site.

2. Link your Twitter profile to a website; if you don't have a professional website, link to your LinkedIn profile so that employers who want to learn more about you will be able see your experience and education. You do have a LinkedIn profile, right?!

3. Follow leaders in your field, potential employers, your college career center, your college alumni office, career coaches, career advice sites, etc. Twitter makes this easy through the search function, and with recommendations for related sites. Use Twitter's advanced search feature to find job-related tweets.

4. Establish yourself as knowledgeable in your area of interest by tweeting about the latest articles, news, or research related to your field. Tweet about interesting items related to the job search as well.

Twitter can be a helpful tool for building social credibility during your job search. It can also help you establish a strong personal brand and become better known in your industry. Remember – value is the key on Twitter. Stand out by sharing valuable tweets, not trash. Engage and network by sharing insightful information to get conversations started. You’ll be tweeting your way to your dream job in no time.

By the way, you can click here for a phenomenal list of people that every job seeker should be following on Twitter. And don't forget to follow us @advresources!

Have you been using Twitter in your search already? Tell us about your successes and challenges!

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