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Posted by admin on Mar 15, 2013 9:26:01 AM

Have you ever helped someone find a new job? Have you ever shared an opportunity you know about, introduced people to each other, given someone a job lead in your own organization? It’s one of the best feelings, helping someone move forward in their career. Your friends are a critical source of job search power, because inherently, people want to help. And social media brings a new dynamic to how we help each other in our careers.

A new study released yesterday by Facebook found that close friends are the most likely to help you in a tough job search. “Ok, duh!” you’re saying to yourself. The study, however, continues to highlight that those Facebook users who spend time chatting with close friends and family are more likely to find out about jobs.

Many job seekers think that networking is about leveraging casual acquaintances and vast networks, but don’t forget - your closest allies are willing to go to lengths to help you get hired. Good friends will give you stellar recommendations, connect you with people you know, keep their “eyes peeled” on your behalf. The trick is, your close friends and family members need to know what you want, what you’re seeing and what kind of help you need. Social media makes it easy for you to share what you’re looking for, to talk about your struggles, and to ask for help from people you trust.

And people want to help! It feels awesome to help someone without expecting something in return. Our point is this: if you’re in a job search, how much are you relying on those in your “inner circle” to help you? Do your friends really know you’re in a search? Do they know what you’re looking for? Have you asked for their help? Social media makes it easier than ever before.

Yes, you still need to network, build your contacts, apply for jobs online, attend career fairs, etc. But make sure you’re really talking with your friends and family about your search, and try using social media to do it. How about YOUR search? How have you received help from others? Or, how have you helped others move their career forward?

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