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Blog Advanced Insights

4 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

A bad fit is costly. What can you do prevent one? Here are some hiring mistakes to avoid before sending over the offer:

1. Hiring Too Quickly

Sure, you needed to fill that position yesterday, but it will pay off in the long run if you take your time making the right decision.  Hiring a dud means you’ll have to repeat the hiring process again once you realize this person is not the right fit; thus, this position could cost you twice as much to fill than you originally planned.

Short on time? A staffing firm can come to the rescue by tapping into its talent pool, finding a few matches, and doing the preliminary interviews so you don’t have to.

2. Not Hiring for Cultural Fit

The candidate may be perfect on paper, but how will he or she fair amongst your team? Can you see this person as a welcomed member, one who understands the culture and jives with the team? Are his or her values in line with the company’s?

This is where your employer branding can help you. Building a strong, magnetic employer brand will work to attract candidates who feel they would fit in with your company.  Theoretically, the majority of this initial pool of talent will be a good cultural match for your team, making it a bit easier to narrow down the candidate field based on a culture/personality fit.

Again, if you’re hiring just for skill and brains and not for personality, you could run into a bad hire and have to replace this person much sooner than you anticipated.

3. Not Using Social Media

Social media can be a hiring manager’s best friend for two reasons:

1. Use social media to scope out the candidate’s social profiles and activity to get a feel for his or her personality. Do you notice any complaints about previous employers? What's his or her grammar like? Are there any incriminating pictures posted?

2. Use social media to source not only active but passive candidates. Hop on LinkedIn and Twitter and engage in groups and discussions. You never know, a 140-character tweet could save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in recruiting costs!

4. Not Using Your Network

Tap into your employees’ network for referrals. Employees can bring you qualified passive candidates, those who you probably would not have found otherwise.  Why ask employees to help in recruiting? Referred employees are 15% less likely to quit, they stay longer, and are quicker to integrate into the teams, significantly reducing the costs associated with employee turnover.

Tell us: What are some other mistakes you’d add to the list?

Topics: Staffing & Recruiting, Human Resources

Posted by Advanced Resources on July 18, 2014