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A Day in the Life of an Advanced Resources Recruiter

At Advanced Resources we strive to provide an excellent experience for our candidates and clients. Our staffing consultants work hard each and every day to provide insight, results and excellence. How do we do this? Advanced Resources Staffing Consultant and member of our President’s Club Conor McCann shares what his typical day looks like as an Advanced Resources | Finance Senior Staffing Consultant.


Conor’s workday starts well before he enters the office - he checks emails from his phone immediately upon waking up! If an email from an associate or client is urgent, he responds immediately before heading into the office (your needs are our priority!).

Once in the office, which is around 7:30, Conor sits down to listen to voicemails and respond to emails that may have come in overnight. At around 8:30 he meets with his team to discuss any updates on candidate interviews, associates out working, or any matches that will be or have been made between our elite talent and valued clients.


For a couple hours each morning, each member of the Advanced Resources team takes time to connect and build relationships with candidates and clients. Conor usually connects with about 1-5 candidates that he would like to present to clients for open positions, and then spends time connecting with clients and presenting these candidates.

Advanced Resources' mission to ensure a good fit between candidates and clients. One way we do this is by following up with our associates out working. Conor takes time each day to check in to see how the associate is doing, how the job is going, if he or she likes the job, and how his or relationship with the manager is going. Conor is the liason between the client and our associate(s) to ensure everything runs smoothly. Conor checks in by phone, text or email!

Throughout the Day

Along with connecting with clients, candidates and associates, Conor also interviews and sources new candidates for open positions.  On any given day, Conor will interview up to about six candidates in the office. How does he find these candidates?

Our core competency at Advanced Resources is finding exceptional talent. Like all of our recruiters, Conor finds his candidates using a multi-tiered recruiting strategy. First, the majority of our candidates come from referrals which is a testament to our focus on experience excellence. Next, Conor uses social media (like LinkedIn) to build his recruiting network with the best finance and accounting professionals. Conor also relies on Advanced Resources' Talent Network to access those passive job seekers that our clients cannot find on their own. Lastly, when all else fails, Conor taps into jobs boards like CareerBuilder.

Conor matches candidates with the right opportunity by getting to know each candidate. What was his or her previous work experience? What did he or she like or didn’t like about the job? As a finance staffing consultant, Conor focuses on gauging the candidate’s software skills and capabilities to match what the client is looking for.

Day’s End

Conor closes out his day by planning for the next day. However, if there are more urgent needs that come up, such as phone calls from current associates or presenting a candidate for an open position, he completes these tasks first.

As a job seeker, an Advanced Resources associate, or an Advanced Resources client, rest assured, you’re in good hands! As illustrated above, a typical day of an Advanced Resources' Staffing Consultant revolves around making sure our clients and candidates have the best staffing experience. Contact us today to work with our team!

Topics: Staffing & Recruiting, Advanced Resources

Posted by Advanced Resources on July 11, 2014