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Blog Advanced Insights

A Warm Blanket

I recently had a brief, unexpected hospital stay. Unless you’re there to have a baby (a happy reason), a hospital is one of the last places you want to be. Usually it means something is wrong– either with you or someone you know and love. Now, if your condition is serious, you don’t care much about your surroundings, you need care. If you’re fortunate to “be in” for less urgent care, you’re more aware that being in a hospital is just not a great experience. Hospitals are noisy. You are constantly being monitored, pricked by needles, blood pressure checks at 3am, and let’s face it: no one looks good in a hospital gown.

Thankfully I have not stayed in the hospital very often (a. thank goodness and b. knock on wood): 3 times when my children were born, and this visit, which was unexpected and a little scary. I definitely wasn’t planning on spending the night but that’s what the doctor ordered. After finally settling down, eating some dinner, and finally starting to doze off, “KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK, time for your test!” My tummy was full and my eyelids were heavy, but it was time to go. Bummer. As I stepped out of my room and laid on the stretcher to be taken to my test, the patient transporter put a warm cozy blanket over me. Someone had warmed this blanket, it was toasty and comfy and cozy and I thought it was a great, unexpected touch. I loved it!

In the morning I asked the nurse about the warm blanket – “is that something you always do here?” She said it was something they recently started – the hospital is trying to find small ways to make a hospital stay better for its patients, even down to the smallest details - like a warm blanket.

At Advanced Resources, we’re focused on the same thing – finding ways that make working with Advanced different – and better – than any other firm. Some touches (just like that warm blanket) are small ones that can make a big difference. And some touches can be big ones, like changing our technology to improve our candidate/client experience. The goal is the same – to make every experience with Advanced a great one.

A lot of companies try to provide “extra touches” but few companies succeed at making “the experience” truly a part of their differentiation. Think of The Ritz Carlton – lots of hotels in the world, but staying at the Ritz is an experience. How about getting a coffee at Starbucks vs a Dunkin Donuts? Shopping at an Apple store vs. Best Buy? Or Nordstrom vs. Macy’s?

It all starts with the intent to be different and to be the best. From there, it’s a long journey that starts with who you hire, how you train them, the systems you use, the standards you establish, the processes you create, the feedback you receive, the ideas you generate, and the culture you nurture. Lots of work and it doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, I learned that last year, my hospital won a Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award.They’ve been working quite hard on their journey.

We hope you feel that intent when you interact with Advanced Resources. Something like the feeling of getting an unexpected warm blanket.

What experiences have you had as a customer that made you say “Wow!”?

Topics: Advanced Resources, Just for Fun

Posted by Advanced Resources on October 25, 2011