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Advanced's 25th Anniversary Charity Celebration - 9/25/14

Throughout 2013, Advanced celebrated a major milestone for our organization – our 25th Anniversary. Companies celebrate anniversaries in different ways: extra employee bonuses, parties, etc. At Advanced, we wanted to commemorate this milestone with a special initiative that aligned closely with our mission, “making a difference”; thus, the 25th Anniversary Charity Contest was born.

In this unique Charity Contest, Advanced’s 4 businesses (Advanced Resources, Advanced Clinical, WunderLand Group and TriWorth) plus our Shared Services team established stretch goals for 2013 and they competed against each other throughout the year to achieve those goals. Each team “played for” charities that were meaningful to them: The Alzheimer’s Association, Habitat for Humanity, National Federation of the Blind, Open World Learning, PAWS, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Advanced dedicated a portion of our annual profits to the contest and we also received generous donations from our valued business partners and company leaders. We raised over $110,000 for our charity contest and last night, we donated this money to our charities at our special 25th Anniversary Charity Celebration at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago. In addition to the charities, our 200 guests included clients, business partners, special invitees, and our employees. This special evening celebrated the very spirit of “making a difference.”

“It is an honor to celebrate our company’s history with all of you tonight,” said Leo Sheridan, Advanced Group CEO and Founder. Leo recognized and thanked many of the people who have helped shape Advanced into the company it is today.

Employees from Advanced then introduced each of their charities and explained why their charity was meaningful to their team. A special highlight came when Alex Gamino, the son of Advanced’s Controller, Nelly Gamino, spoke on behalf of the National Federation of the Blind. Alex, who is 12, has been blind since birth. “The programs and seminars my mother mentioned would not be possible without generous donations such as the one Advanced will make,” said Alex. ”On behalf of all the members of NFBI and my family, I would like to thank Mr. Leo Sheridan for his generosity, Mr. Jim Johnson (Advanced’s CFO) for such innovative contest, and every one of the Advanced employees for making this happen, for wanting to make a difference, and for working hard to achieve your goals.”

Last night couldn’t have been more amazing for our company … the perfect weather, the always stunning Chicago view, the beautiful venue … but the best part of the evening was the true spirit of “making a difference” that was present in every aspect of our celebration. Thank you to all who attended and thank you to those who have helped Advanced become who it is today. It is because of you that we are able to “give back!”

(Click here for photos from the 25th Anniversary Charity Celebration)

Topics: Advanced Resources, Events, Making A Difference

Posted by Advanced Resources on September 26, 2014