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"That's Why We Get Paid the Big Bucks!": The Top Paying Tech Jobs in America 2016 [SlideShare]


Glassdoor, a top jobs and recruiting site, recently released their annual list of top paying jobs in America. Unsurprisingly, jobs in the Information and Technology sector dominated much of the list, making up 11 out of the 25 top paying jobs. Information and Technology positions are critical to data security, strategy development, and the productivity of most companies and require a great deal of technical know-how.  It is no wonder that these roles command top dollar!  Take a look at the presentation below to see position titles, median base salary, and a description of the role.



The Top Paying Tech Positions In America 2016

#11: Information Systems Manager

Median base salary: $106,000

Job Description: Accomplishes information systems objectives by managing staff; designing and monitoring information systems.

Skills and Qualifications: Quality Management, Management Proficiency, Manufacturing Quality, Manufacturing Methods and Procedures, Production Planning, Developing Budgets, Network Security, Promoting Process Improvement, Network Maintenance, Operating Systems, Problem Solving 

#10: Analytics Manager

Median base salary: $106,000

Job Description: Analytics managers provide the company’s top executives with summarized and current data to be used in making the most appropriate and strategic decisions involving the company.

Skills and Qualifications: Computer Programming, Mathematical Acumen, Excellent Communication, Complex Problem Solving, Database Management Systems

#9: Product Manager

Median base salary: $107,000

Job Description: Develops products by identifying potential products; conducting market research; generating product requirements; determining specifications, production timetables, pricing, and time- integrated plans for product introduction; developing marketing strategies.

Skills and Qualifications: Product Management, People Management, Understanding the Customer, Product Development, Requirements Analysis, Pricing, Planning, Competitive Analysis, Sales Planning, Inventory Control, Financial Planning and Strategy

#8: Data Architect

Median base salary: $113,000

Job Description: Maintains database by determining structural requirements; developing and installing solutions.

Skills and Qualifications: Database Design, Data Maintenance, Database Security, Database Management, Requirements Analysis, Teamwork, Technical Zeal, Project Management, Presenting Technical Information, Training , Operating Systems

#7: Data Scientist

Median base salary: $115,000

Job Description: Run data systems and leverage technology to find insights in massive amounts of data.

Skills and Qualifications: Python, Java, Perl, or C/C++ coding skills, SQL, Intellectual Curiosity, Business Acumen, Communication Skills

#6: Systems Architect

Median base salary: $116,920

Job Description: Designs information systems to be implemented according to an organization’s goals, needs and objectives. They establish a system’s basic structure, defining essential design features and providing a framework for developers to follow.

Skills and Qualifications: Leadership Abilities, Strong Communication Skills, Aptitude for Computer Systems, Creativity, Flexibility and Adaptability 

#5: Applications Development Manager

Median base salary: $120,000

Job Description: The applications development manager performs work of considerable difficulty in planning, assigning and directing computer applications program design, development and implementation.

Skills and Qualifications: Decision Making, Leadership, Problem Solving, Analysis, Technical Capacity 

#4: Solutions Architect

Median base salary: $120,000

Job Description: The solutions architect is responsible for solution design, evaluation and implementation of software solutions. Assists in the design of IT systems.

Skills and Qualifications: Communication, Decision Making, Project management, Strategic Thinking, Technical Capacity, Teamwork

#3: IT Manager

Median base salary: $106,000

Job Description: Maintains information technology strategies by managing staff; researching and implementing technological strategic solutions.

Skills and Qualifications: Technical Management, Technical Understanding, Analyzing Information , Informing Others, Staffing, Problem Solving, Data Center Management, Developing Budgets, Coordination, Strategic Planning, Quality Management

#2: Software Architect

Median base salary: $128,250

Job Description: Software expert who makes high-level design choices and dictates technical standards, including software coding standards, tools, and platforms.

Skills and Qualifications: Programming Languages, Technical Capacity, Design Methodology, Hardware/Platform Knowledge, Leadership Skills, Communication Skills, Project management, Current Technologies

#1: Software Development Manager

Median base salary: $132,000

Job Description: Envisions product development and manages projects through completion; analyzes, designs and develops software enhancements and new modules; manages development project from initial design through testing while providing strategic management direction.

Skills and Qualifications: Technical Capacity, Leadership, Project management, Communication Proficiency, Performance Management, Problem Solving, Analysis

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Sources: Glassdoor.comMonster.comBusiness Insider • kdnugget.com •  SHRM

Topics: Shared Articles, Staffing & Recruiting, Technology, Career/Interview Tips

Posted by Advanced Resources on March 11, 2016