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Blog Advanced Insights

Using StumbleUpon in Your Job Search

You can find so many interesting articles on StumbleUpon, which makes it a great tool to use in your job search. It’s a “discovery engine” that’s also a bookmarking site, around long before the days of Pinterest! Discover a seemingly endless amount of content and organize it in a way that tailors to your needs. Here are few tips in using StumbleUpon in your job search:


Interests are the basis of StumbleUpon. When you set up your profile, you’ll be prompted to sort through a list of prepopulated interests provided by StumbleUpon and check off any that interest you. For a job searcher, these could be “Career Planning,” “Job Interview,” “Management/HR,” etc. If you’re looking for a job in marketing, check the “Marketing” interest. You can always add and delete interests as you get more familiar with the site.

Now you can start stumbling! Click the large orange box on the top of the page to start finding content. Click through until you find something interesting and then add it to a list.


Create lists to organize the articles you find. If you “stumble” across an interesting and relevant article, you can add this to one of your lists. For example, some of the Advanced Resources lists are Interview Preparation, Workplace, and Career. As a job searcher, you could also create an interview preparation list focused on tips for interviewing your best. You could create a job search board that collects articles on writing resumes, networking, writing a cover letter, etc. Create a marketing list if you’re searching for a job in marketing to collect news and tips related to the marketing industry.

Not only can you create your own lists, but you can follow others’ lists as well to discover even more content. With that said, come on over and follow some of ours!


Likes are a way to teach StumbleUpon what you want to see. When you hit “stumble” and an article comes up that you like, hit the thumbs up button at the top of the page. If you don’t like the content, be sure to hit the thumbs down.

Add a page

If you’re browsing the internet and find an article you like, you can add the page to one of your lists. You can do this one of two ways:

1. Copying and pasting the URL into the “add a page” option from your profile page (see below).

2. Downloading one of the browser add-ons available.

StumbleUpon Adding a Page


Tags are a way to sort your content, kind of like tags on a blog post. When you’re adding a page, add some keywords in the “add a tag” box to help you find your pages later on. These could be “resume,” “interview outfits,” “new job tips,” etc.

Tags are also a way to return the favor and help others find your content.

Now you have one more tool in your job search tool box to help you on your way to job search success! Check out our other blogs for more tips!


Topics: Career/Interview Tips

Posted by Advanced Resources on February 7, 2014