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Becoming a Consultant - Your Path to Career Success: Webinar Recap

By Advanced Resources on April 21, 2020

With many professionals experiencing disruption in their career paths due to the pandemic, consulting is an alternative worth exploring. To provide a resource for those considering consulting, Advanced Resources developed our Consultant Success Series. The webinar series launched with its first session, Becoming A Consultant – Your Path to Career Success.

In the welcoming statement, Rich Diaz, President of Advanced Resources, highlights the growth in consultancy over the years. And he doesn’t see any signs of that changing. In fact, as the economy moves forward Rich noted that flexible work/consultancy will be the wave of the future.

Becoming a Consultant

Due to COVID-19, millions have been furloughed, let go, or are nervous about losing their jobs; there’s no denying the uncertainty people are facing. For those looking for a new opportunity, try refocusing your search. There are industries, particularly those deemed as essential, that are still hiring including healthcare, supply chain, consumer product goods and financial services.

Where does consulting come into play? Our team suggests consulting as a great way to get a jump start. As the market rebounds, you’ll see more consulting opportunities come back before direct hire opportunities.

The session focused on the benefits of becoming a consultant, including clips from some of Advanced Resources’ own consultants:


Consultants break into two groups: those that want to only consult and those with the long-term goal of a permanent job. In both cases flexibility is key. While a company may be evaluating you, it is just as important for you to evaluate the company. As a consultant you have as much control in the process as they do.

Access to Opportunity

Your work as a consultant can open you up to opportunities that you’re unable to find yourself, as well as those that are not advertised. Many times consultants learn of other opportunities from the hiring manager when interviewing for a position or by joining a company only to take their career another path.

Build Your Skills

When it comes to building your skills, consulting is an excellent opportunity to pick up new industry or software knowledge, which could lead to future engagements. It also provides the ability to build your personal brand, making new contacts to become known in your field.

Path to Permanent Employment

As the consultant, making sure the company is a good fit is especially important if you’re seeking permanent employment. Companies will often know upfront if they want a position to convert to a future permanent role. Let your recruiter know if this is for you and they can filter their search.


As a consultant you are not alone in the process. Support is provided in the all phases of your search, before, during and after, to work with you towards your end goal.

  • Before: getting to know you and what you want to do
  • During: managing the hiring company’s expectations, as well as your own
  • After: working with you to find a new engagement

The final benefit that is often overlooked is compensation, benefits and recognition. Consultants can often earn more and they can have access to health insurance, retirement and other benefits, as well as reward and recognition programs.

Consulting remains an excellent way to get your foot in the door and gain access to amazing opportunities. Are you ready to get started? Contact us today. You can access the full recording of the session here.

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