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Winning the Job Search Super Bowl

Like the road to the Super Bowl, your job search will bring its ups and downs, but if you prepare right, you may come out a winner! Here’s how to win the job search super bowl:

Practice. Practice makes perfect, right? Keep your skills up to par by taking classes and volunteering. Practice answers to common interview questions so you don’t choke up when it comes to the big day.

Study the plays. Do your research! Before heading to any interview, even a phone screen, learn everything you can about the company. Know it inside and out. Who are their major players? What key stats set them apart from their competition? Did they make the news recently?

Prepare. Players wouldn’t think twice about playing without their mouth guards, helmets, uniforms and other gear, so make sure you head to your interviews with everything you need.  For in-person interviews, check that you have your resume, references, professional outfit and confidence. Make sure everything fits appropriately. Lay out everything (besides your confidence!) the night before so you’re not rushing around before the interview.

For phone interviews, print out copies of your resume, cover letter and notes to have in front of you. Head to a quiet room and set yourself up to rock the interview.

If you’ve won the first round of playoffs, the phone screen, next up is the in-person interview.  Usually interviews will be two or three rounds, so if you win this one, you could be headed to the final game!

Next up, the Super Bowl.  Whew, you’ve made it to the final interview! Remember everything you’ve practiced, studied and prepared. Take some deep breaths. Pep yourself up with your favorite music and head to the field with confidence! Play your best and see where the game takes you.

After each game in the season, there’s the post-game interview. Whether you’re the winner and were offered the job, or you were defeated and must move on, always have good sportsmanship. Send a thank-you within 24 hours of each interview along the way.  

What other tactics do you have for winning the game?



Topics: Career/Interview Tips

Posted by Advanced Resources on January 31, 2014