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Your Job Search: Managing Your Online Presence

One of the most important things you can do for your job search is to manage your online presence. Just like you do a Google search as part of your research on a company, recruiters are surely researching your digital profile. Make sure employers are seeing what you want them to see. Here are a few ways to clean up and manage your online presence:

First things first – Google yourself! How many people have the same name as you? What sites and images show up for your name? 


If there is more than one of “you” out there, claim your name as a domain, i.e. YourName.com. You can do this free through Wordpress. If your cyber twin beat you to it, set up an About.me or Vizify site. Both sites are free. Better yet, set one of these sites up in addition to creating a domain.

One purpose of setting up a domain is so it will, hopefully, trump other search results in Google, burying yours or your cyber twin’s digital dirt.

Blog or Portfolio

Now that you have a domain, depending on your industry, start a blog or a portfolio that represents your expertise in your field. Writing about industry news will show that you’ve been keeping your knowledge fresh.  Creating a portfolio will make it easier for potential employers to see your work. Plus, you now have a link that you can put in your resume, social posts and emails.

Bonus: the more content you publish on your site, the better your chance of appearing higher in search results for your name.

Social Media

We can write pages and pages on using social media for your job search, and we will, but for now, here a few tips for managing your social media presence:

- Make sure your profile picture is the same across all your profiles. This will work to define you as   a brand.
- Keep your profile picture professional. If you can’t find a professional looking picture of you,     dress in business attire and have a friend photograph you in front of a plain background. Voilà.
- Clean up your Facebook profile, especially your photos!
- Get your LinkedIn profile to 100% completeness (or really, really close to 100%).
- Post updates, comments and retweets to demonstrate your skills in your field.

The goal of managing your online presence is to build a profile that illustrates who you are and what you have to offer to potential employers.

What are some other tips for managing your digital presence?

Topics: Career/Interview Tips

Posted by Advanced Resources on April 18, 2013