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Your Resume & Temporary Jobs

The increasing popularity of temporary employment is a well-publicized trend. You may have seen Advanced Resources’ past blog on this topic, or you may have seen our posts on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn. With more and more talented people turning to temporary employment opportunities, we thought an important topic might be: “What’s the best way to represent temporary work on your resume?”

Advanced Resources has a great collaborative relationship with an exceptional staffing company near Atlanta, MAU Workforce Solutions. MAU’s Stephanie Hutchings wrote a great blog on this very topic (thank you, Stephanie for giving us permission to share your wisdom!). 

Temporary employment can be very relevant in your work experience. An old-school mentality might make some think that listing temporary work can detract from a person's resume. In today’s workforce, however, temporary employees are providing valuable contributions and creating notable accomplishments. Effectively represented, achievements during temporary assignments can make your resume shine even more.

Use the following three tips to showcase your skills on your resume and in-person when interviewing.

1. Group Temporary Jobs Using a Theme- Instead of listing one job after another, group your temporary positions together under headings such as “Manufacturing,” “Healthcare,” “Finance.” Then, list all of the traditional information, keeping everything sleek and simple. Grouping temporary work into categories will make the experience seem more substantial.

2. The Skills You’ve Learned Far Outweigh Any Length of Employment- If you don’t think your job title or length of employment is impressive enough, then highlight other aspects of your resume such as the skills you obtained while working. Make sure to use action words including; created, strengthened, taught, improved, etc. Further, have you achieved anything while on the job (i.e. - surpassed projected output by x units)? If so, include by how many units, or what percentage if possible. Numbers and action words are all valuable tools to be used within a resume.

3. Be Honest- Be true to who you are when composing a resume. Don’t lie or exaggerate any aspect of your resume. Doing so can potentially lead to a situation where a company hires you only to find out that you’re underqualified by a large margin. Then, the employer is unhappy and you will be equally as frustrated. This may even lead to your termination. Conversely, don’t undersell yourself either. Just remember to be honest, and if the job requires a skill set that you don’t have, always let the employer know that you’re willing to learn any skills necessary for the position.

Topics: Career/Interview Tips

Posted by Advanced Resources on August 27, 2012