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Conversations With Mark Vargas & Mark Cuban: An Event Recap

By Advanced Resources on May 22, 2019

Advanced Resources was a sponsor for Conversations with Mark Vargas, hosted by Judson University and featuring entrepreneur, Mark Cuban. The one-on-one interview covered life, business, politics and inspiration. There were two main discussion points in the event that stood out to our team.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) impact on healthcare

  • Personalized medicine: AI and technology will allow more opportunities for efficiency. An example used during the event was how organs emit electrical pulses. In the future, technology will allow sensors to capture critical data and compare it to a large pool of individuals who were analyzed. That data set would be able to identify cardiac issues and improve patient outcomes through targeted personalized therapies. Ultimately, this will lead to the elimination of unnecessary testing.
  • AI is the future: In response to Advanced Resources President, Rich Diaz’s, question - “In your opinion and based on your experience, what do you see as the biggest change we will see in healthcare technology in our lifetime?” - Mark Cuban pointed out how AI will be the biggest advancement in technology, much bigger than the other revolutions we’ve seen involving the Internet, mobile, and even augmented reality. AI will likely change everything that we do, particularly because it provides answers - not opinions. We won’t need to scour the internet for relevant answers; instead, we’ll be provided the answer through AI technologies.

Mark Cuban AI Leadership Learning

2. Views on leadership & entrepreneurship

  • Continue learning: For college graduates, “you just paid to learn and once you graduate, they pay you to learn.” Mark reminded the audience they can always continue to do something to improve their lives, especially thinking about the little moments either using free time to check Instagram or using it to learn something that will give you an edge.
  • Success and failure: When Mark was asked what failure propelled him forward, he responded that he was fired and learned from what his boss didn’t. It’s important to continue focusing on the positive things, not everything in life is about “hitting grand slams.”

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