Diamonds Are A Staffing Firm's Best Friend [Video + SlideShare]

Posted by Ryan on Mar 10, 2017 3:35:37 PM

We recently announced that Advanced Resources has again been recognized by Inavero, earning the Best of Staffing® Client and Talent Diamond Awards for the eighth consecutive year. Not only that, but Advanced Resources is one of just four staffing firms in the U.S. and Canada to win the Best of Staffing Client and Talent award every year since the program began. As you can imagine, we are through the roof with excitement over this honor and we thought it would be fun to share what some of our clients and talent had to say about us! Take a look at this video:

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The Power of Culture in an Organization

Posted by admin on Feb 21, 2017 9:44:14 AM

Employee engagement consistently affects key performance outcomes. According to a Gallup study on employee engagement, top-quartile business units outperform bottom-quartile units by 10% in customer loyalty and engagement, 21% in profitability and 20% in productivity.

How do we engage, lead and develop people as the world of work is reshaped by cultural change?

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HR Trends 2017 Round Up

Posted by Ryan on Feb 3, 2017 4:21:48 PM

Are you prepared for the challenges 2017 will bring to the workplace? Technology evolutions and revolutions, changes in laws and procedures, and a massive shift in when, how, and where people work will make 2017 an interesting time for HR departments across the country, across companies of varying size, and across industries. To help you meet the challenges ahead, we’ve rounded up our top 17 HR trends of 2017. Enjoy! 

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How To Close The Skills Gap in 2017

Posted by Guest Post on Jan 20, 2017 12:41:44 PM

Today’s post is a guest post by Mike McKerns, SPHR, HR Insights Editor-in-Chief. This piece originally appeared in Advanced Resources HR Insights Magazine.

It’s 2017, and the skills gap is still here—and it’s wider than ever before. If you haven’t figured out yet how to deal with the skills gap (or maybe haven’t even started thinking about it), don’t panic! It’s never too late to work on this problem, and here are some great places to start.

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Six Seconds to Success: Resume Facts You Need to Know

Posted by Ryan on Jan 13, 2017 4:24:03 PM

Six seconds. That is the average amount of time you have to impress a hiring manager and land your dream job.  Those six seconds can either open the door to a new career path or slam the door shut on an opportunity.

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Don't Follow Your Passion!

Posted by Guest Post on Dec 23, 2016 9:25:04 AM

Today’s  post is a guest post by Mike McKerns, SPHR, HR Insights Editor-in-Chief. This piece originally appeared in Advanced Resources HR Insights Magazine.

About thirty years ago, the writer and mythologist Joseph Campbell famously urged, “Follow your bliss.” Campbell was talking about an approach to living in general, but in the ensuing three decades that three-word phrase has been reinterpreted—and even misinterpreted—by people applying it specifically to careers.

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4 Must-Have Gifts For Your Job Search

Posted by Ryan on Dec 2, 2016 3:12:47 PM

Set Yourself Up For Success in the New Year

Originally posted Dec 18, 2015.

It’s the holiday season! The eggnog is flowing and White Elephant gift exchanges are well underway. New Year’s resolutions are still a couple weeks away and probably a month or two from being broken!

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