The Continuous Evolution of Business Practices

By Advanced Resources on January 25, 2021

This issue: 
Hanging a new calendar on the wall marks the beginning of a new journey, full of possibility—including the unknown. This issue of Advanced Resources HR Insights features analyses and suggestions that can help your organization manage the uncertainty that lies ahead as business practices continue to evolve.

In this issue:

  • Tips for Managing Remote Employees for the Long Term
  • Building a New-Hire Buddy System for Remote Onboarding
  • Time-Block Your Way to Productivity
  • Get Ready for the Digital Workplace

In “6 Tips for Managing Remote Employees for the Long Term,” Valerie M. Grubb tackles one of the biggest concerns head-on: how companies can adjust to the new normal of decentralized, offsite workspaces. Communication is key, she explains, both for making sure that employees do their jobs well and for helping
team members connect with and support each other during this difficult period.

In “Building a New-Hire Buddy System for Remote Onboarding,” Jesse Finn writes that programs to improve employee engagement are particularly critical “in a work environment shaped by COVID-19, with many new hires spending their first days and weeks isolated at home.” He offers suggestions for how current employees can help new hires adjust to their new roles.

Jessica Miller-Merrell addresses the challenges with people of all ages familiarizing themselves with the digital workplace in "Get Ready for the Digital Workplace". She notes, "how people work is undergoing a profound transformation. But as old work models slowly begin to fade away, people who are ready for the digital workplace of the future can begin to reap its rewards today."

The future is coming. Even though no one can know exactly what the new year will bring, implementing certain strategies and programs now can enable business leaders to be ready for whatever comes. Advanced Resources is here to support you through any changes ahead.


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