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By Advanced Resources on November 9, 2020

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Thanks to the challenges posed by constant shifts in economies, business practices, and technologies, companies must always keep an ear to the ground for opportunities to get ahead of their competitors. In this issue of Advanced Resources HR Insights, industry thought leaders highlight some strategies that can propel organizations and individuals farther down the path to success.

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Leaders, for example, should leverage opportunities to develop one of their most valuable management tools.
In “Leadership Essentials: Credibility,” Valerie M. Grubb, outlines several key steps managers can take to establish and strengthen the credibility needed “to build workplace relationships that are founded on clear communication, trust, and respect.”

Jessica Miller-Merrell, too, writes about how self-improvement can help make leaders more effective in their roles. In “Professional Development and HR Leaders,” she points out that HR professionals should work on their own skills first if they want to maximize their ability to help their organizations “level up.”

Two authors suggest approaches that companies can adopt to improve their workforces. In “Why Hiring Software Accessibility Matters,” the staff of iCIMS explain how making hiring software more inclusive and accessible to people with disabilities can give companies access to larger talent pools (and open up more employment opportunities to excellent candidates, too). Jesse Finn (“Data-Driven Employee Retention Techniques”) writes about how companies can keep their workers longer by using strategies to increase
engagement and satisfaction and thus mitigate one perennial problem that plagues the business world: turnover.

These are just a few of the growth and learning opportunities that companies should seize today in order to develop the resources they’ll need to succeed tomorrow. We’d love to help your organization identify its own opportunities to explore!


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