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By Advanced Resources on September 15, 2020

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The past several months have brought challenges to organizations of all sizes. Savvy organizations are already working now to apply hard-earned lessons to their future planning. In “Lessons Learned from the Economic Downturn,” Chas Fields writes, “As parts of the USA work toward reopening, human resources and operations leaders are realizing that they need plans in place for handling changes to the basic structures and practices of work.” Companies will need to reconsider their approaches to employee well-being, adapt to new work conditions (especially the prevalence of remote work), and increase their ability to leverage communication and technology.

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  • Employee Engagement: Now More Important Than Ever
  • How AI Can Help Companies Build Winning Workforces
  • Learning in Times of Change
  • HR & Operations: Lessons Learned From the Economic Downturn

Valerie M. Grubb (“Coaching from Afar”) describes how managers can support and develop their employees even while everyone is working remotely from each other. Because this reality is likely to persist for some time, managers should explore how to adapt coaching, which “may even be more essential than ever now, as employees increasingly look to their leaders for guidance during these uncertain times,” to these new work settings and circumstances.

And in “What HR Will Look Like After COVID-19,” Danielle Cronquist urges HR departments to focus on how working from home and concerns about health—both issues that are currently front and center—can be addressed in their future planning.

Global uncertainly is likely to persist for some time. Rather than wait patiently for the “new normal” to establish itself (which could take a while), why not get a jump start on the future now, while your competitors continue to wait for the storm to pass? Give us a call!


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