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Know What You Want: Creating an Ideal Job Profile

By Lana Johnson on November 2, 2018


Most often, when we are challenged to make progress in our lives, it comes down to two issues: a) you know what you want, but you can’t figure out how to get it, or b) you don’t know what you really want. We talk with thousands of job seekers every year who feel like they want to move their careers forward, but they’re not quite sure what they want to do next. That’s what inspired us to create a simple tool to help you gain clarity: the Ideal Job Profile Worksheet.

Some people have a strong sense for what they want to do in their careers, but many people struggle to figure it out. We see this often in fresh college graduates but we see it just as frequently with experienced professionals who want to make a change. One factor is common for everyone: the work is not the only thing to consider. Yes, you need to feel passionate or at least enthusiastic about the work you’ll be doing, but many other factors play into overall job satisfaction.

Our Ideal Job Profile Worksheet can help you articulate your priorities. We’ve identified five categories that make up an ideal job: your needs and wants, the work, the company, your manager, and your team.

  1. Your needs and wants are the things that are personal to you and your unique situation. These are the factors that can most directly impact your lifestyle.
  2. The work you will be doing is a critical factor. The company could be amazing, your boss could be the best ever, and you might love the people you work with but if you hate what you’re doing, you’re not in your ideal job.
  3. The company you want to work for is important. Some people would thrive in a start up, entrepreneurial environment. Some people want the stability of a more established company. There are big differences between small businesses and large corporations.
  4. Your boss is an important factor. In fact, most employees who quit their jobs mention “my boss” as the #1 reason they're leaving. There are many types of managers; which type of manager will inspire you to do your best work?
  5. The people you work with can have a big impact on your job satisfaction. We spend a lot of time at work, so it’s important to be around people you enjoy.

Does the "Ideal Job" really exist? Maybe. You probably won’t hit on 100% of your criteria with any given job opportunity, but creating an Ideal Job Profile will help you hit on as many factors as possible. Identifying your criteria will also help you boost your confidence when an interviewer asks you, “why do you want this position?” And, should you be lucky enough to find yourself with multiple job offers, your Ideal Job Profile will help you choose the best fit.

Click here to download Advanced Resources’ Ideal Job Profile Worksheet and then tell us, what other criteria would you include in your Ideal Job Profile?

For more information on achieving job search success, visit Advanced Resources’ Career Insights. You can also click here to browse Advanced Resources’ open jobs or to upload your resume.


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