6 Megatrends Changing the Face of HR and Business

By Advanced Resources on November 6, 2017

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This edition’s feature article, “6 Megatrends Changing the Face of HR and Business,” pulls together the discussions held during recent WorkHuman Executive Forums organized by Globoforce. These conversations have focused on the big issues that are reshaping HR and highlight the need “to provide a more ‘human’ employee experience that strengthens connections between people and teams and ultimately drives stronger employee and company performance.”

Also in this issue:

  • Organizations Can Use Assessments to Close the Skills Gap
  • How to Improve Manager Effectiveness
  • 4 Strategies for Retaining the Best of the Best
  • “Leadership” Isn’t “Management”
  • And More... 

Karen Minicozzi, too, takes a look at the future of HR. In “What HR Must Do to Meet Growing Business Challenges,” she outlines steps that HR leaders can take to strengthen their influence and position in a rapidly changing business world and to help their organizations be more successful.

And because good HR leaders and strong managers play a critical role in shaping their companies, a number of authors explore ways that organizations can ensure that they have the most effective managers possible. In “‘Leadership’ Isn’t ‘Management,’” David Flotten presents a cautionary tale about conflating “being a good employee” with “being a good manager.” And in “The Right Way to Deliver Negative Feedback,” Ashley MacInnis offers strategies to help managers fulfill one of their most difficult—and most important—responsibilities.

A new future arrives on our doorsteps each day—and each one brings both unpredictability and possibility. That’s why it’s important for organizations to keep anticipating, preparing, and adapting. At Advanced Resources we can help your company be ready for whatever future it encounters!


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