AI in the Workplace: The Game Changer of Tomorrow

By Advanced Resources on September 4, 2018

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Ready or not, the future is just around the corner! In this issue we provide suggestions for how organizations can anticipate—and prepare for—upcoming changes that will affect their staffing, HR, and operations in general. In the feature article, “Get Ready for AI to Change the Workplace,” Nicholas McQuire describes how organizations can use artificial intelligence technology to improve their security and services as well as employee productivity and satisfaction. “Companies that want to benefit the most from the shift toward more AI in the workplace,” he writes, “should start preparing now—not later—for its arrival.”

Also in this issue:

  • The Power of Storytelling in Recruitment
  • The Problem with Pay-for-Performance
  • Behaviors That Erode Organizational Trust
  • Replacing Human Managers with Programming
  • And More...

Another contributor, Rebecca S. King, also turns her thoughts toward what happens when tech applications replace some of the tasks that have been traditionally fulfilled by humans. In “Replacing Human Managers with Programming in the Gig Economy,” she examines what a case study of one automated platform reveals about the advantages (and pitfalls) of growing use of AI for certain managerial functions.

The need for excellent management skills increases each day, and the best managers never stop looking for ways to improve theirs. One way to accomplish this is to learn from how successful managers handle certain situations. In “How to Manage Employees without Killing Innovation,” Valerie Grubb explores several challenging management scenarios and offers specific advice that managers can use to emerge from each one as better leaders.

It’s impossible to stop the future. But it is possible to get ready for it. Is your organization prepared for what’s coming?


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