Driving Talent Acquisition Through Strategic Workforce Planning

By Advanced Resources on March 9, 2020

This issue: 
In this issue’s cover story, “How to Drive Talent Acquisition through Strategic Workforce Planning,” Linda Brenner examines why firms often have trouble finding the right people for their open positions. The big problem, she writes, is that hiring priorities aren’t always clearly defined because of competing agendas within the company. “Unless different groups in the organization can agree on talent acquisition priorities and decisions,” she points out, “no TA strategy can be completely successful.” Through strategic workforce planning, HR and leadership team can develop an effective TA strategy together.

Also in this issue:

  • Kaizen: A Method for Continuous Improvement in HR
  • The Pros, Cons, and Impacts of Technical and Managerial Job Progression
  • The Importance of Transparency in Leadership
  • And More...

Kelly Peters (“Why [and How] to Measure Quality of Hire”) also writes about how to improve hiring. Because “making a bad hire—someone who ends up being a poor performer—can cost a company thousands of dollars, not to mention losses in morale and productivity,” companies should take the time to define their quality of hire criteria and calculate how each candidate measures up on that rubric.

And of course, there’s the matter of employee engagement. This topic is of perennial concern for companies for good reason: engaged employees are happy and productive employees. Three authors in this issue tackle this topic: O.C. Tanner (“Work Celebration Ideas to Keep Employees Engaged”), Andrew Taylor (“3 Ways to Build Healthy Employee–Manager Relationships”), and Mark Sawyier (“Commonality and Employee Engagement”).

How does your hiring process measure up? Are the employees at your firm engaged and productive? Have missteps in your staffing processes made you slip behind your competitors? At Advanced Resources we can help you identify your staffing needs and figure out a plan to meet them. Give us a call today!


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