How to Promote Career Growth in a Top-Heavy Organization

By Advanced Resources on July 2, 2018

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In this issue’s feature article, “How to Promote Career Growth in a Top-Heavy Organization,” Christina Chau takes a close look at employee growth. She asks (and answers) the question that all organizations must wrestle with at one time or another: “How can a company help its employees have careers that are healthy and growing when there’s no room for promotion or raises?” Without offering growth opportunities, she cautions, companies risk seeing their most valuable employees leave.

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  • The Future of Work
  • The New “Human Capitalists”
  • Realistic Job Previews
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The future of the workforce in general is taken up by several contributors. Cecile Alper-Leroux, in “The Reengineering of the Workforce,” urges companies to ditch traditional org charts in favor of structures and practices that facilitate the collaboration needed to deal with marketplace transformations. In “Why Are We
Sending Our Kids to College?” Mike McKerns, too, suggests turning away from long-held models; rather than analyze business bureaucracy, though, he questions the utility of certain college degrees in the future workplace.

And of course no conversation about the future of the workforce would be complete without robots! There’s no need to fear increasing automation, says Ira S. Wolfe (“Work in the 21st Century”). Pointing out that “the more likely scenario is that robots will reinvent—not replace—most human jobs,” he explores what that future might be like and how people can prepare for (and adapt to) it.

With technological advancements and shifting market pressures constantly reshaping both the workplace and the workforce, organizations that don’t want to get caught unaware—and left behind—need to stay on their guard. At Advanced Resources we can help your company thrive in the market today and be prepared for whatever comes down the road tomorrow.


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