No Problem Can Withstand the Assault of Sustained Thinking

By Advanced Resources on July 24, 2020

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Problem solving is part of everyday life, but companies today have been introduced to problems at a scope and scale not seen for decades. Many companies have had to pivot and now their focus has shifted to figuring out how to manage, lead, develop and train their workforces in the “new normal.” In “The Future of Work: Turning Crisis into Positive Change,” for example, Karina Schultheis writes that organizations need to start thinking today about how they intend to face what is still an uncertain future.


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Tom McGuire and Linda Brenner echo Schultheis’s call to act sooner rather than later and also caution against sticking with outdated methods for addressing talent needs. In “Planning Now for Post–COVID-19 Business Recovery,” they write that “new approaches are needed immediately to mitigate the pandemic’s impact on talent availability—and for making strategic (and very different) talent investments.” In particular, they urge a reconsideration of what defines a “critical” role.

Narrowing the focus a bit, Steve Dobberowsky (“Converting Instructor-Led Training for the Virtual Classroom”) addresses some common problems that arise when trying to shift to online trainings that were originally designed to be provided via in-person interactions. This is a scenario that more and more organizations will likely face as remote work arrangements persist (and possibly increase) even after the pandemic passes.

The future is always unclear, and today that lack of clarity seems to loom larger than ever on the horizon. There’s no need to panic! Let’s put our heads together and do the “sustained thinking” needed to help your organization chart its path forward.


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