Technology and the Future of Recruiting

By Advanced Resources on January 7, 2019

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The success of any company boils down to its ability to accomplish two critical tasks: bringing top talent into the organization and keeping them there as long as possible. In the feature article for this issue, “The Future of Recruiting,” Troy Teague gives an overview of how artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies are likely to shape recruiting in the near future. Being aware of the potential applications of these technologies, he points out, “can enable companies to develop strategies for using them—and be ready to jump on those tools when they finally hit the market.”

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  • Recruitment Principles for Every Hiring Situation
  • Balancing Fun and Productivity in the Work Environment
  • 5 Benefits of Microlearning
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When exploring new business strategies that could offer a competitive advantage, be sure to look outside the box and consider things that aren’t usually associated with “traditional” business practices. In “Gamification in Business: 5 Success Stories,” Charles Coy presents case studies of five companies that are “implementing gamification to drive higher employee engagement, boost productivity, and encourage healthy habits, among other outcomes.”

Keep in mind, though, that none of these efforts work if a company can’t get good candidates in through the front door. With the reminder that a job posting is the “first point of contact with candidates,” the team at Talmundo (“6 Job Description Fails”) discusses how companies that don’t pay enough attention to the presentation and content of their job postings can sabotage their own recruitment efforts.

Sure, companies that stick with conventional recruitment and retention strategies can still build connections with candidates and employees. But as new technologies and practices continue to alter the hiring landscape, organizations that don’t change with the times may find themselves falling farther and farther behind. Want to explore new possibilities for your company? Contact us today!


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